The Crooked Cue Mississauga

Winner! Mississauga News Readers’ Choice Award Best Pool Hall

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In 1920, our grandfather Sam opened and operated Pappas Billiards in Belleville Ontario for 34 years. In 1954, our father Bill moved the business to Etobicoke and operated Kingsway Billiards on Bloor Street for 40 years. In 1992 our brother Sam and his wife Tracey opened and operate the first Crooked Cue in the Kingsway Billiards location. In 1997 we (John, Matina, and her husband Scott) opened and operate this second Crooked Cue in this charming and historic “Vogue Theatre” building here in Port Credit. Our family is proud to have served our communities for over 90 years.


We are big fans of FLOSS (Fresh, Local, Organic, Sustainable and Seasonal), and we pride ourselves on serving you great quality food made in house from scratch using ingredients that are local and organic where possible. Our ground beef, steak, and chicken breast come from local Ontario farms naturally raised without antibiotics or hormones.
Our local Port Credit suppliers are:
La Villa Bakery, Elmwood Meat Market, A.J. Lanzarotta Vegetables, Sweet Angel Chocolate


We have a 5000 square foot second floor area that is great for casual to formal events up to 250 people. We have hosted over 1000 corporate and social events up there over the last 16 years. Check out our party planner on this website for details.


We serve local and imported “pure beers” as organic as possible in the Belgian style to ensure the best quality and taste. We have 20 beers on draught as well as a Cask beer engine imported from Britain for cask conditioned beers. Every draught beer is poured fresh, starting with our high-tech regulated nitrogen & CO2 system, in a proper brand matched beer clean glass, washed by hand, and skillfully finished by our draught master trained bartenders. Our beer list has many all natural beers craft brewed by family owned breweries adhering to Bavarian Purity Act standard. We are not a “Tied House” meaning we are not tied to a major brewery. Therefore, we are able to serve you a great variety of craft beers free from big corporate influence.


We have 23 billiard tables, comfy lounge seating, fireplaces, dozens of big screen HD TV’s, and a 40 seat outdoor patio. Our Dufferin billiard tables are Canadian made world tournament quality with Simonis #860 wool billiard cloth. Our Cuetec pool cues are tournament quality and not crooked cues. If you find a crooked cue, let us know! Enjoy a game of 8 Ball near a cozy fireplace lounge like it’s your own country club.